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Vapour Recovery Services

Vapour recovery services from SGS – a range of services to help you recover fuel vapour that would be lost to atmosphere during the transfer of petroleum products.

The transportation and storage of petroleum products results in evaporation and significant product losses to atmosphere. Vapour recovery units reduce these losses, providing both financial benefits through reclaimed product and environment benefits through reduced volatile organic carbon (VOC) emissions. Our vapour recovery services help you to ensure that your vapour recovery systems are working effectively.

Why choose vapour recovery services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Improve safety by ensuring that gasoline laden atmosphere is controlled
  • Maximise the amount of liquid gasoline recovered from the atmosphere – approximately 0.15% of the gasoline loaded at a terminal can be recovered
  • Comply with local emissions legislation, which may impose a limit on the amount of VOC emissions permitted  

Effective vapour recovery services from a trusted world leader

Knowledge and experience of vapour recovery is a highly specialised field, operating in hazardous atmosphere environments. Failure to service units correctly can lead to financial inefficiencies, operational issues, safety complications or environmental emission problems.

We offer unrivalled expertise in the process of vapour recovery and a wide range of services – from testing vapour recovery performance, maintenance and repairs to control software, system upgrades, training and technical consultancy.

We work closely with many of the leading suppliers of vapour recovery technology and our experts have many years of experience in the field, giving you the assurance that your equipment will be professionally maintained to the required standards.

To discuss how our vapour recovery services can support your business, contact us today.


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