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BS 11000: The Standard for Collaborative Business Relationships

How can you build and manage effective collaborative business relationships to enhance the performance of your business?

One of the most important requirements for business success is the ability to build and maintain effective relationships. Enhanced collaboration between organisations provides a wide range of benefits, including increased innovation, better cost management and improved risk mitigation.

How BS 11000 can help you improve your business relationships

BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships is the world’s first standard in relationship management. This standard assesses how organisations use a collaborative approach to build and develop effective partnerships.

It can provide a strategic framework for your organisation, whatever its size or sector, to apply good practice principles to your own approach to collaborative working. You can use its specifications as a guide for developing and nurturing valuable relationships throughout the supply chain. This will enable you to obtain the maximum benefit from collaboration.

Managing relationships every step of the way

BS 11000 uses an eight-phase model to assess your organisation’s relationship building efforts from establishment to disengagement.

  • Awareness: understanding how relationship management fits your business objectives
  • Knowledge: learning about relationship building techniques used by others and using your knowledge to develop your own approach to collaboration
  • Internal assessment: evaluating how your organisation is positioned to collaborate
  • Partner selection: finding the right partner to complement your objectives
  • Working relationship: building a joint approach focused on mutual benefit
  • Additional value creation: developing added value from the relationship
  • Staying together: measuring outcomes and creating strategies for maintaining maximum benefit throughout the relationship 
  • Exit strategy: developing and executing a plan for disengagement

By applying all phases of this model to the relationship development process, you will ensure that your partnerships are sustainable, optimised for effectiveness and provide the maximum benefit to your stakeholders.

Comply with BS 11000 and create better business relationships

SGS can support you in developing effective collaborative business relationships by assessing your compliance with BS 11000 and helping you design a relationship management plan to measure and monitor your partnerships. We can improve your understanding of processes in partnership dealings, increasing transparency and efficiency to make compliance easier.

To find out how complying with BS 11000 could help you develop better business relationships, contact us today.

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