On the July 01, 2013 the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC will be replaced with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU. On this webinar you will gain an understanding of the process required in CE Marking your Construction Products and the impact this will have on your organisation.

Topics covered:

  • CE Marking Requirements
  • Attestation Levels
  • Initial type tests
  • Factory production control
  • Uses of the mark and the role of the Notified Body

As a Notified Body with UKAS approval for most products covered by the Construction Products Directive/Construction Products Regulation, we can provide your organisation with a standalone service or a complete integrated approach to CE Marking.

Title: Are you ready to CE Mark your Construction Products?
Date: November 07
Time: 10am

For more information please contact us on +44 0800 900 094


Event location: United Kingdom