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Whole Body Vibration Assessments

Whole body vibration assessments – minimise health risks to workers from vibrations in moving vehicles.

When workers drive mobile machines or other work vehicles over rough and uneven surfaces, whole body vibrations (WBVs) are transmitted through the vehicle seat and through the workers' feet. Exposure to WBV can cause many health problems.

We offer whole body vibration assessments to ensure that your workers are not at risk.

Why choose whole body vibration assessments from SGS?

Drivers of work vehicles and mobile machines, including tractors, fork lift trucks, quarrying and earth moving machinery, can be exposed to WBV. Frequent exposure can cause back pain and can contribute to:

  • Degenerative disorders of the spine
  • Nervous, circulatory and digestive system problems
  • Hearing loss
  • Disorders of the female reproductive organs and problems with pregnancy

To protect workers from health problems caused by WBV, the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 were put into force. These regulations contain action and limit values for WBV:

  • Exposure action value of 0.5 m/s2 A(8), at which level employers should introduce technical and organisational measures to reduce exposure
  • Exposure limit value of 1.15 m/s2 A(8), which should not be exceeded

You must take action to prevent risk from exposure to WBV. You can substitute other methods or machines that eliminate exposure, especially where employees are subject to large shocks and jolts. If this is not possible, you must reduce exposure to as low a level as reasonably practicable.

We can help you to ensure that you workers are protected and that you are complying with regulations. Our experienced occupational hygienists are fully qualified by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) to carry out and interpret whole body vibration measurements. They conduct measurements according to the guidelines in the ISO2631-1 standard, placing an accelerometer between the individual and the vibration source at the point of contact.

Your assessment will be tailored to the exact requirements of your sites and work processes. Our experts will determine and implement practical solutions to any problems identified.

Unmatched experience in occupational safety services

As the world's leading testing, inspection, certification, testing and verification company, we have the skills, experience and resources to protect the safety of your workers.

Contact us today to learn more about whole body vibration assessments.

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