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SGS MultiTrace allows you to screen your soil and water for hundreds of contaminants in one swift analysis. Call our expert environmental screening team today.

SGS MultiTrace® is a quick, multi-component analytical screening method that provides a broad analysis of hundreds of contaminants contained in soil and ground water samples. It allows you to make a preliminary, thorough environmental investigation of your land quality. This speedy integrated screening method ensures you results within five days. MultiTrace will safeguard your business interests by helping to inform you better about your site’s history and mitigate the risks inherent in the initial stages of your project.

Our state-of-the-art testing technology examines for low levels of an extensive list of micro-pollutants and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other substances. The 350 target compounds are carefully selected and continuously reviewed and updated to make sure they include all those required under present local and international legislation. We also include those substances that we anticipate will be of concern under future environmental regulations.

MultiTrace is a real risk assessment tool, accredited to international standards and competitively priced. The test results provide you with an objective and scientific base for further and more focused soil and groundwater investigations if needed.

Let our experienced and knowledgeable team take care of your environmental testing. For a quick analysis of a broad range of contaminants, SGS MultiTrace is the solution. Call us today.

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