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Modified ABA

SGS has an unsurpassed reputation for delivering quality solutions to environmental challenges. We provide comprehensive laboratory analysis, including the modified Acid Base Accounting test (ABA), for the characterisation of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD).

The modified ABA test helps determine the propensity of the tailings/waste rock to generate acidic conditions and provides input parameters for kinetic tests.

The ABA test provides quantification of the:

  • Total sulphur, sulphide sulphur, and sulphate concentrations present
  • Potential acid generation (AP) related to the oxidation of the sulphide sulphur concentration
  • Neutralisation potential (NP) of the sample

If necessary, a correction for siderite can be made to oxidise the ferrous iron prior to NP determination. Carbonate concentrations are analysed and carbonate NP values can be determined. The balance between the AP and NP assists in defining the potential of the sample to generate acid drainage.

SGS’s qualified staff operate in laboratories with state-of-the-art instrumentation, using industry best practices. We have the technical expertise to provide mitigating strategies and innovative, yet practical solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your operation. Call us today to discover more.

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