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Biotic Indices

Call the SGS environmental team today to ensure your waste water emission has no impact on the environment and natural water.

We use biotic index sampling to test for organisms in natural water (rivers, lakes) and sediment, to determine the water quality and any purification treatment needed.

Biodiversity in streams is a sign of a healthy environment. In contaminated natural water, the presence of different organisms will vary, depending on their resistance to pollution. Measuring the numbers of these species is the basis of biotic indices identification. Although physicochemical analyses show recent pollution, biotic indices are the witness of long-term pollution.

Biological data can be complex and difficult to analyse. By using techniques such as biotic indices, we are able to present you with accurate data that is easy to understand.

We use biotic indices to identify and assess:

  • Presence of invertebrates, Oligochaeta, Diatom and phytoplankton
  • Impact of effluent discharge 
  • Health of aquatic ecosystems

Our environment teams are experienced in a wide range of biological services. If our results show ecosystem disorders, we can provide you with ecological surveys and a range of solutions to address the problems.

With our accredited teams and internationally renowned laboratories, we can help you to meet all national and international regulations for water cleanliness and minimise effluent and discharge from your industrial activities.

Call our team today to find out how we can help you ensure an environmental management plan that optimises your business operations and minimises environmental impact.

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