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Waste Reconditioning

SGS comprehensive waste management services include waste reconditioning services for dangerous industrial waste products. Call our experienced team now for a plan to suit your business.

The storage, handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods is subject to strict legislation. Why take unnecessary risks? Our experienced and qualified team can provide you with the latest advice on techniques for waste control management and logistics that are cost effective and environmentally sound.

We process a wide range of materials within tightly controlled systems to meet strict environmental standards. Our solutions for cost-effective and efficient use of all your resources, include waste reconditioning. We investigate ways to reduce the volume of waste, treatments to make it more stable and suitable for packaging and long-term storage if needed. We can then repack your waste and recondition your containers for reuse.

For those materials that are not reusable, we can investigate options for environmentally sound intermediate storage or waste disposal. Our technicians are licensed to collect, transport and treat hazardous wastes and we can issue you with certification that your waste management has met the highest environmental standards.

Back up your commitment to effective environmental protection and call our teams today for a waste reconditioning solution.

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