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Brake Fluids and Coolants

SGS brake fluids and coolants management services ensure clean waste disposal of hazardous automotive fluids that cause environmental contamination. For more information on recycling your waste, call our accredited team today.

Automotive industry fluids, brake fluid and coolants, cannot be disposed of domestically or industrially in drains or landfill. They contain contaminants such as solvents and can leach into soil and waterways, causing environment damage and health hazards. The good news is that, with the right analysis, these fluids can be reused or disposed of safely.

Our expert laboratories collect these waste fluids in drums or bulk containers. We analyse the contents to determine their quality and levels of toxicity. We are able to distill the quantities into different categories for industrial recycling, for example, as raw materials for new brake fluid and coolant production or as solvents for the paint industry.

Those amounts that are contaminated with toxins that cannot be separated into cleaner supply, need to be disposed of as hazardous waste. We can help you to store and treat these wastes. And we can provide advice for recycling your waste fluids or investigate options for environmentally friendly brake fluids disposal.

All our work is performed in accordance with national and international regulations. And we help you to comply with the legislation valid for your industry sector. We also issue certificates that are proof that your waste has been processed in the appropriate manner.

Call our teams today for a cleaner and environmentally sound solution for your waste management.

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