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Repack of Dangerous Waste Products

SGS waste management services offer dangerous waste repacking services to ensure your waste meets the right standards to allow for recycling and treatment. Call our experienced team today to find out more.

To recycle your dangerous waste it must be analysed and packed in suitably sized containers, restricted by legislation. Our accredited laboratories are licensed to handle and transport dangerous wastes. We have the latest equipment to repack waste into smaller quantities so that it will be accepted for end treatment.

Because of our worldwide networks and experience designing logistics for many industries, we can adapt waste management approaches to suit your particular needs. In cases of urgent reconditioning of dangerous products – transferring products from drums to other containers, for example – our environmental waste teams have the expertise to overcome challenges quickly and efficiently. This ensures that your products are back in the supply chain as soon as possible and your waste management processes are enhancing your business by meeting environmental standards.

All our work is performed in accordance with national and international regulations. Your compliance with industry legislation is guaranteed, with our certification as proof that your waste has been processed in the appropriate manner.

For peace of mind and an efficient waste management programme, arrange for repackaging of your dangerous waste by calling our team today.

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