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Landfill Management Studies

SGS environmental experts in landfill management studies can ensure your landfill site is safe and optimising its operation. Call us today for an integrated landfill management solution.

Maintaining a safe and profitable landfill site can be complex and constant work involving many environmental considerations. You may need to remedy noise and odour pollution and control landfill waste and emissions. You may also need to deal with the risk of soil subsidence.

Our landfill site management studies will provide the risk assessment and detailed information you need to ensure that your site can withstand subsidence and is viable for future development. Our accredited landfill management studies team takes a complete overview, offering you a range of solutions for a fully integrated management plan. Working with you as an independent auditor, we provide all the information you need to meet regulatory obligations and satisfy safety needs for future planning works.

We make sure your site has appropriate ventilation and drainage to prevent pollutants leaching into surrounding soil and water. Our landfill management studies sample your soil to monitor leachate and measure biogas. We conduct an in-depth characterisation study using boreholes and trenches to determine the extent of pollutants. Our groundwater modelling techniques help to examine how to control the dispersion of underground contaminants.

Call our team of experts today to discover more.

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