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CO2 Archeometry

Using carbon dioxide archeometry such as radiocarbon dating to accurately measure your carbon dioxide emissions can help to manage your carbon footprint. Call our team for advice on reducing your environmental impact today.

We can help you meet current regulations to measure your carbon dioxide emissions and have them verified by independent analysis. Our carbon dioxide archeometry analysis can benefit your business by quantifying the amount of electricity and thermal energy produced exclusively from renewable carbon. This can reduce your carbon footprint and improve your carbon credits. Our analysis can be used to complete your environmental management plan for monitoring your industrial practices and reporting your annual greenhouse gas emissions.

A significant proportion of carbon dioxide emissions come from biogenic carbon (the combustion of biological material made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen). This results in carbon-neutral emissions, because the carbon is generated by the natural carbon cycle. Under current Kyoto Protocol, and a number of greenhouse gas emissions programmes, using biogenic carbon and by-products as alternative fuels can be classified as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By differentiating between biogenic and fossil-derived carbon dioxide, your company can quantify your effective greenhouse gas emissions and the credits you need to offset your carbon footprint. If you can report lower emissions with confidence, you can also potentially capitalise on surplus allowances for trading.

Our qualified teams of technicians use the latest equipment to take on-site samples for carbon dioxide emissions and mixed fuels. Using radiocarbon dating eliminates the need for labour-intensive, expensive and hazardous raw-fuel sampling tests which require continuous monitoring. Results are analysed at an accredited laboratory with extensive experience in radiocarbon dating.

Improve the environmental health of your operations today. Call our expert environmental teams for sustainable solutions for your business.

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