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Air Dust and Particles

To help you provide a clean work environment that is more productive, SGS provides a range of environmental testing services that ensure your site is free from contamination in your air, soil and dust.

Your workplace could contain dust and particles that can pollute the environment. To ensure you are working on a clean and safe site, SGS provides air and dust analyses to test your air.

Our independent laboratories use a variety of high-technology air analysis and dust analytical services to find out what contaminants and micro-pollutants are present on your site.

Our speedy results will show you exactly which areas of your site need prioritising for further attention. The resulting data is a reliable and cost-effective certification process – proof that you are operating in an environmentally responsible way.

Call our air laboratory services today for an expert analysis.

Your workplace could contain dust, particles and emissions that can pollute the environment. Our air and dust sampling services ensure you are working on a clean and safe site and provide evidence of your compliance with regulations for minimising air, noise, odour and vibration emissions.

Contact our trusted and accredited teams today for more information.

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