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Analysis of Rubber, Plastics and Polymers

Analysis of rubber, plastics and polymers by SGS – a range of analysis and testing for plasticisers, additives, fire retardants, elastomers, accelerants, antioxidants, and extractables and leachables from polymers.

When you need to analyse the rubber, plastics and polymers used in your products and processes, you want accurate data and quick results. We offer a range of analysis and testing to get you the data you need to ensure safe products and processes.

Why choose analysis of rubber, plastics and polymers by SGS?

Our services includes the analysis of:

  • Rubber, plastics and polymers
  • Plasticisers, additives and fire retardants
  • Elastomers, accelerants, antioxidants
  • Extractables and leachables from polymers used for food or pharmaceutical packaging
  • Synthetic fabrics and paint lacquers
  • Alkoxylated additives in gasoline
  • Odours from rubber and plastics

Offering a range of techniques for the analysis of rubber, plastics and polymers

 As a world-leading provider of rubber, plastics and polymers analysis, we offer you extensive experience and expertise, dedicated laboratories and a unique global reach. In addition, we can also offer a range of analytical techniques for the identification of polymers, additives and process related impurities.

To discuss your requirements for rubber, plastics and polymers analysis, contact us today.

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