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Gasoline Testing

Quality control of gasoline is essential as basic risk management for producers, traders and distributors. At SGS, we carry out full specification testing to any specification advised. These include European Standards, such as EN 228, and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D4814, as well as specifications for California Air Resources Board (CARB), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Colonial Pipeline and other pipeline specifications.

Our laboratories provide a full range of gasoline testing services, including the routine determination of RON (Research Octane), MON (Motor Octane), RVP, distillation, sulphur and density. We analyse gasoline samples from refineries, storage facilities, storage tanks and pipelines for all gasoline properties. Through our global network of laboratories, we provide a web of risk management facilities to interested stakeholders.

Why SGS?

SGS is your first port of call for testing and inspection services for both RFG reformulated gasoline and conventional gasoline. Our laboratories around the world provide a full range of gasoline testing services and adhere strictly to government agency approved (e.g. EPA) methods.

Our experienced, highly trained analysts operate in modern labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Many of our lab facilities are accredited to ISO 17025, ensuring that we provide analytical testing to the highest laboratory standards. SGS maintains laboratory quality and monitors proficiency through participation in internal and third-party round robin testing programmes, internal and independent audits and rigorous training and competency compliance standards.

The execution of any SGS oil and gas cargo trade inspection is based on accepted core petroleum and petrochemical standards such as API, UOP, GOST, MPMS, ASTM, IP or EN test methods and specifications as set out by ISO, CEN or by regional and national standards organisations. Analytical methods which have been custom-built or which have been supplied by our clients can also be used if so required by the specifications of a particular contract.

To support risk management within a transaction (or set of transactions) we can provide advice to clients on the most appropriate standards to cite and use. We also offer comprehensive technical advice and support on all issues relating to working practices, standards and technologies.

An active industry leader, SGS sits on many key bodies, standards organisations and technical working groups, such as those within ASTM, ISO, CEN, EI (The Energy Institute, formerly the Institute of Petroleum) and IFIA.

Find out more about gasoline testing services from SGS.

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