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Data Management for Vehicle Axle Load Control Programmes

SGS understands the importance of impeccable data management to the success of axle load control programmes. With road safety and the quality of your nation’s roads at stake, it is vital that the technology underpinning the program takes accurate readings, sets in motion the correct penalty for non-compliant vehicles, stores data securely and allows for timely reporting and analysis.

We offer governments data management solutions that are designed to meet their particular axle load control needs but can comprise:

  • State-of-the-art computerised weighing of vehicle axle loads
  • Accurate recording of vehicle weights and imposing relevant sanctions, where necessary
  • A secure and precise database to underpin policy enforcement activity
  • For centralised weighbridge programmes, robust programme management processes
  • For decentralised programmes, robust programme management and enforcement processes
  • Integated data solutions covering National ID, vehicle registration, road worthiness records, transport permits, drivers license to multiple government agencies

Crucially, SGS’s data management systems are subject to the highest security standards, with only authorised personnel being granted access to data on our highly secure systems. They are also flexible enough to not only collect and store data but also to set in motion punitive action for overloaded vehicles and to issue certificates to compliant vehicles. Furthermore, our systems provide clients with regular reports and analysis of programme development and success.

Governments across the world are already enjoying the benefits of working with our dedicated data management experts. With over 125 years of providing independent inspection, verification, testing and certification services, there is no more trustworthy partner for governments than SGS.

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