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Customer Service Excellence Standard

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation assessment from SGS – helping your organisation deliver the best possible customer service within budget limitations.

Customers expect the highest levels of service from the businesses and organisations they come into contact with. Similarly, organisations hope their customer service will help to retain customers and grow their business and services. The standard focuses on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. It also requires you to have a comprehensive insight into your customer, understand the user’s experience and have sound processes in place to measure customer satisfaction with the service.

Embed CSE into your organisation

CSE is a driver of continuous improvement. Organisations must assess their own capability and set challenging targets in relation to customer focussed service delivery, at the same time as implementing processes to identify areas and methods for improvement. The CSE standard is based on the following key principles of customer service:

  • Segmentation – who are your customers?
  • Customer Insight – what do they need?
  • Customer Journey Mapping – how do you ensure their needs are met from beginning to end?
  • Access Channels – how do they use your service?
  • Drivers of Customer Satisfaction – are your customers satisfied?

The focus of the standard is to embed Customer Service Excellence in to the culture of your organisation, by using the criteria at the heart of your day to day activity.

Organisations which have achieved the standard found the experience to be useful in the guidance that they received from the standard and the assessment experience.

Demonstrate your commitment to customer service with an assessment against the Customer Service Excellence Standard from SGS.

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Customer Service ExcellenceBookletCustomer Service ExcellenceThe Customer Service Excellence standard has greater emphasis on customer insight and satisfaction measurement and is based on the Key Drivers of


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