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Particulate Matter Testing

Particulate matter testing from SGS - specialised testing and analysis for diesel and gasoline engines.

Determining the particulate matter from your engines is essential for regulatory compliance. As a result, specialised testing is required. We offer a range of methods for collecting and analysing particulate matter samples for both diesel and newer Gasoline Direct Injection engines.

Why choose particulate matter testing from SGS?

We offer you:

  • Accurate testing for diesel and gasoline engines
  • Complete particle number and particle size distribution reports
  • Standard particulate mass quantification
  • Analysis of engine-out particulate filters for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) via the vacuum sublimation method.
  • Characterisation of particle emissions over a wide range of altitudes and temperatures
  • Analysis of the sources of variability in particle emissions to aid component development and control system calibration

Our particulate matter testing includes:

  • Smoke meter
  • Micro soot sensor
  • Opacity meter
  • Gravimetric method

Precise particulate matter testing from a trusted world leader

As a global leader in particulate matter testing, we offer unrivalled expertise and experience providing testing throughout the automotive industry. With over 30 years of experience, our local experts deliver comprehensive, tailor-made services that meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our dedicated facilities for weighing and stabilising filters includes the following specialised features and equipment:

  • Electrically conductive floor
  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Data logging of environmental conditions
  • Mettler UMX-2 microbalance, 0.1 μg readability
  • Haug electrostatic charge de-ionizer

Our weigh room has air filtration and environmental control systems compliant with 40 CFR Part 1065. The weigh room is similar to a Class 1000 clean room environment.

We also have particle number counters, a particle size spectrometer, research-grade diluters and thermodenuders to characterise particle emissions over a wide range of altitudes and temperatures on the chassis dynamometer and in the engine lab.

To discuss your particulate matter testing requirements, contact us today.

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