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Cold Start Drivability

Cold start drivability testing from SGS – determine engine performance under cold conditions.

Analysing the start-up performance of your vehicles under cold conditions is an essential part of the vehicle development and testing process. Our cold start drivability services enable you to determine cold start performance for a wide range of vehicles – from multiple passenger cars and trucks to heavy-duty commercial trucks.

Why choose cold start drivability testing from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Determine vehicle or engine cold start performance
  • Accurately test a range of vehicles, including multiple passenger cars, and heavy-duty commercial trucks
  • Conduct cold testing in conditions of –20°F (-29°C) and above
  • Conduct high altitude testing at a range of temperatures

Trusted cold start drivability testing from a world leader

As the global leader in certification and testing services, we offer you unrivalled experience and expertise in all aspects of cold start drivability vehicle testing. Our dedicated facilities include a 1,083 square foot cold soak deep thermal area equipped with:

  • Extensive exhaust ventilation
  • Remote diesel smoke viewing system
  • Direct expansion refrigeration to achieve soak temperatures down to –20°F (-29°C)

We also offer high altitude cold chambers to support customers that perform vehicle development around the I-70 corridor through the Rocky Mountains. We maintain three trailers for vehicle development. The site is located at Silver Plume, Colorado (elevation 9,100 feet / 2773 meter) and has three locked 53-foot (16 meter) trailers with drive-up ramps, able to accommodate two to three light-duty or medium-duty passenger vehicles, each with:

  • Climate control to maintain trailer temperatures from -22 to 80°F (-30 to 27°C)
  • Remote monitoring and remote control of trailer temperatures.

To find out more about our cold start drivability testing, contact us today.

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