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Vehicle Quality Verification

SGS Automotive Services can provide detailed vehicle quality verification at every stage of the supply chain. Of course, as a manufacturer, you already have in-house vehicle quality management programs in place, but in our experience, internal factors can result in defective vehicles entering the market. That is why governments, manufacturers, traders, financial institutions and insurance companies – on four continents – trust SGS to ensure vehicles are independently certified to high-level quality standards.

Our new-car quality certification programme involves a systematic, methodical and comprehensive series of independent tests carried out by experienced personnel.

The test involves placing the vehicle on a runway to verify brake functionality. We then move on to check for undesirable noise and vibration – a common cause of customer complaint that can be more difficult to resolve once the vehicle has been delivered and driven away from the dealership. Tests continue with the driver’s information system and in-car entertainment and electric window functionality. The new-car certification programme also includes an intense undercarriage inspection and an aesthetic check for Body in White problems and painting and assembly defects.

If the vehicle is not within quality tolerances, the defects are reported to the manufacturing plant to be corrected on the production line. Once the vehicle has been adjusted or corrected, we carry out a final check and certify the vehicle.

By augmenting your existing quality control processes with SGS’s inspection and testing expertise, you will increase customer satisfaction, encourage repeat purchases and give your brand a stronger reputation for quality and reliability.

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