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Vehicle Condition Inspections During Logistics Chain

Once vehicles have reached the end of the production line, the need for quality control does not end. The transportation of products by land, sea or air offers ample opportunity for damage, and it is crucial that the risk is mitigated by adherence to cargo handling requirements – both those created by your organisation and by local and international legislation. SGS conducts vehicle condition inspections during the logistic chain to give you the peace of mind that your vehicles are transported with the same care they were manufactured.

Our inspectors will work with you to create a program that is tailored to your needs and inspects transportation conditions against your organisational and statutory standards. Inspections draw on cutting-edge technology and personnel trained to the highest standards, and may include:

  • Inspection and risk analysis of storage areas.
  • Verification of cargo weights regarding local legislation
  • Examinations of carrying vehicles
  • Appropriate use of transportation means 
  • Checks on cargo securing methods
  • Inspections regarding loading and unloading protocol and documentation
  • Checking of transportation guidance for damage prevention means

The final vehicle condition report will contain detailed data for use in tackling current problems and mitigating risk in future transportation. It can be provided in a digital format that is distributed to all key personnel within your organisation for consideration.

With a first-class reputation for vehicle inspections that extends across the globe, and with vast experience of conducting vehicle condition inspections during the logistic chain, SGS is uniquely placed to help you ensure that the quality of your logistical processes is appreciated as highly as those for manufacture.

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