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Arbitration Surveys

When expensive vehicles are damaged or for some reason deemed to have malfunctioned, it can sometimes be necessary to get an independent, expert opinion on what has happened and how much the damage should cost to put right.

As one of the world’s leading testing and verification companies with a distinct specialism in automotive inspection, SGS can act as a completely neutral arbitrator if there is a dispute. It is possible to commission us voluntarily or a Court can request an SGS inspection. Ideally, we will seek to analyse all of the objective information and supply a detailed report so amicable resolution can be achieved. The report will contain such information as specific damage, an accurate estimate of repair costs, liability and warranty responsibility.

In case of accident or incident, SGS can be contracted to investigate anything from a single car damaged in a collision, to an entire fleet that has, as cargo, been damaged in transit.

We can also arbitrate on serious mechanical failure matters – such as brakes, gearbox, engine or suspension – providing independent opinion about whether a driver has caused the failure or a manufacturer or dealership is liable through fault or negligence.

Resolution is likely to be much simpler with independent arbitration and our skilled inspectors are respected for their investigative and reporting skills.

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