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Vehicle Stock Verification

SGS stock audits are a vital tool in managing risk in floorplan lending, providing reassurance for both financial institutions and dealerships. By conducting in-depth vehicle stock audits our experts help keep you abreast of the funding status of stock, reducing the risk of vehicles being sold and not reimbursed – and ultimately protecting credit status.

We use the latest in inspection technology to compare a dealership’s current inventory with information about vehicles sold, collecting data such as serial number and model and taking photographic evidence, if necessary. Our programmes are flexible enough to be shaped to meet your specific requirements and can be one-off operations or longer-term, periodic inspections that help you identify trends and mitigate risk.

Whatever processes we instigate, the outcome will be a digital report that can be instantly disseminated to key personnel – within dealerships and their financial providers – who have been identified in the planning stage.

Our stock audits ensure that trust is maintained between loan providers and their clients, providing accurate and easy-to-understand information on inventory status. They draw on SGS’s worldwide experience in auditing for the automotive industry, and they employ the very best of our auditing professionals, who have been trained to meet the high standards that we have been delivering to clients since 1878.

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