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Rejection Guarantee

SGS provides trade risk guarantees covering possible rejection at destination. There can be a host of reasons to explain such an occurrence and we can provide the necessary coverage against the unexpected losses that may occur.

For example, under the terms of these agreements, we can guarantee to cover the expense of reloading any cargo that has already been discharged. We also pay out on your behalf for re-routing your shipment to another destination port if that is necessary.

Our rejection guarantee also covers possible demurrage – since there is likely to be a delay beyond the normal time allowed for loading and unloading – and any depreciation in the cargo’s value.  These measures help to minimise the risks involved in trading overseas and to reduce your financial exposure if issues arise.

Other guarantee services:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)
  • Full Outturn Quality (FOQ)
  • Seller’s Interest / Contingency Insurance

To find out more about our rejection guarantee and other trade risk guarantees, contact SGS now.


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